Covid-19 has rapidly changed our world in so many ways.

In order for us  to begin the process of recovery, we need to tap into our creativity and use it to start solving the problems we're currently being  presented with. This is the only path forward to a hopeful future.

In recent months the Yeti team has felt called to use our expertise to create innovative ways of both navigating life during this pandemic, and ultimately recovering stronger than ever.




Stay Play Grow

Early Childhood Education During Covid-19

In early March we partnered with Early Learning Lab  to create  Stay Play Grow.  This app is comprehensive one-stop resource for families with young children,  providing a curated and comprehensive source of tools and resources for children aged 0-5, allowing them to continue learning while sheltered in place at home.

Yes, We Are Open

Helping Businesses Re-Open Safely During COVID-19

We recently partnered with Verdicity to  build "Yes, We Are Open", a web app that helps businesses safely re-open, and remain open, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Yes, We Are Open" utilizes user supplied building/business information to create customized, up to date lists of resources on re-opening requirements, and the best methods to ensure those requirements are met.


Hack the Virus
Pairing Developers with Experts to Build Solutions

In April we organized and hosted "Hack the Virus", a  24 hour remote hackathon that  paired developers and designers with experts in medical response, well, being, small business and education.

 Together we ideated and prototyped solutions to some of the biggest problems caused by Covid-19, ultimately seeing the public launch of two amazing projects, Co-Care and Reach Care



Connection. Cooperation. Compassion

Created during "Hack the Virus", Co-Care is a platform that connects individuals in need of assistance with volunteers who want to help, creating lasting community connections.


Find Covid-19 Testing Without Internet Access 

The winner of "Hack the Virus"  ReachCare is a texting platform allowing individuals without internet or smartphone access to find Covid-19 testing centers within their zip code via text message, providing underserved communities with an extremely valuable tool. 



Organizing a Remote Team to Run Effectively can be  Overwhelming

We've developed a few simple tactics that help us stay aligned - no matter where we're located.  We're sharing them here with the hope that they make your transition a bit easier. 



7 Tips for Managing a Newly Remote Team
by Tony Scherba, CEO & Co-Founder, Yeti

The pandemic we are now living through has put the entire world into a great experiment of forced remote work. Even before the days of COVID-19, businesses have been making the shift to enabling more remote work. Now, though, setting up a good remote working environment for your team is essential and potentially even existential.

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6 Remote Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love
by Summer Swann, Yeti

Building strong relationships is one of Yeti's core values, and it was certainly something that we didn’t want to fall to the wayside while quarantined. To help your team stay connected, we've compiled all of our favorite remote activities into this guide to remote team building.

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17 Slack Hacks and Best Practices

by Rudy Mutter,  CTO & CO-Founder, Yeti

Slack has quickly become an indispensable tool for remote teams, but when left unmanaged, notifications, DM's and active channels can become overwhelming distractions. 

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