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Inside the Workshop: October

It's been 10 amazing years since we founded Yeti and since we have to wait to throw a party we're sending you this newsletter!


Just before I graduated college, I walked into Boston City Hall and registered Yeti LLC as a company. The idea was simple to build meaningful software products. 10 years later we're still at it, and despite this tenth year throwing some COVID curveballs, we're finding meaningful software is more important than ever.

Shortly after registering Yeti, I brought Rudy on as my partner. The week we graduated, we had our first on site kickoff workshop. Somehow I convinced Rudy to pack up his bags and drive out west to San Francisco, where we put together a team of designers and developers.


We could never have anticipated how much we would learn and grow, all the incredible people we would work with and the amazing things we would build over the next decade.

In the past 10 years we've had the opportunity to work with Harvard University and Playstation, and were heavily featured building an app for Chelsea Handler in a Netflix documentary. The software we've built has been used by millions of people at the least whose lives are better for it. Recently we've built multiple platforms in response to COVID-19, and been keeping the company culture alive remotely.


We've had an incredible journey thus far. Reflecting back our success has really been in making lasting relationships and learning hard lessons quickly. Feeling a sense of duty to pass on what we've learned Rudy and I put together some notes:


It's been an amazing 10 years, and we're looking forward to continuing on this journey for many more. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this adventure thus far! 

- Tony Scherba, CEO

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